Meet The Chorus


Meet Our Board President:

Sonja Lee


Meet one of our Members:

Mark Springer

I joined Kulshan Chorus in 2001 when asked by my sister to chaperone her youngest daughter who wanted to sing with the chorus. I was hooked thereafter by the message and energy of the chorus, was recruited to join the board in 2006 and again recruited into the role of Board President in 2008. 


As Board President I supervise all activities of the corporation, execute all contracts, set the agenda, preside over and facilitate board meetings, work with various committees both internally and externally, seek venues and outreach opportunities, donors/donations and volunteers, and do whatever is needed to ensure the long-term viability and success of the chorus. One major accomplishment as Board President has been the successful transition from our Founding Director to our Artistic Director Dustin Willetts. A national search brought Dustin to us and he has been simply a joy to have as our Artistic Director. Breathing new life into the chorus, he continually expands our musical knowledge and creates concerts that are truly moving experiences. The board is looking forward to a bright future for the Kulshan Chorus and I am happy to help guide the journey! 


It seems like every new season becomes a "new" favorite with Dustin at the helm. This upcoming season "Choosing Joy - A Soul Journey" likely will be no exception. The music is diverse in exploring the depths of the "soul" -- think Soweto Gospel Choir, Civil Rights, Traditional Spirituals and songs of praise and jubilation. Oh Happy Day! I can't wait for this one to hit the stage, it's going to be a blast!


Hmm, a favorite song, again so hard to call, and this is a song we have not done in quite some time but I adore "Hold On Just a Little While Longer" as the message is so meaningful to me ... because you know, "everything's going to be alright."


How long have you been with the chorus? I joined in the winter of 1988, about three months after moving to Bellingham. I think the Chorus had about thirty-some people in it at the time and was rehearsing in the Roeder Home.

What made you join / How did you hear about the chorus?  I don't remember how the subject came up at work, but my former colleague and Kulshan Chorus member Floyd Lewis found out I liked to sing and asked if I was interested in joining. I said yes, and while I've missed a few concerts due to travel, I've sung every season since.

What was one of your favorite seasons and why?  I find "favorite" questions hard to answer because I like lots of different things in general, and music is no exception to that. So I guess I like seasons where we have musical variety, that is, we're either singing a lot of music I'm not real familiar with and/or singing a concert with songs from very different traditions but which more or less tie together in a common theme.

What’s one of your favorite songs? Another tough question, for the same reason.  Of course my favorites are going to have great tenor parts, so I guess one of my favorites over the last few years is Omnia Sol.