Every year Kulshan Chorus takes part in Bellingham's Martin Luther King Celebration. For the chorus reaching out to the community takes many forms. From celebrations, to peace marches, fundraisers, food drives and raising awareness. In the Spring of 2018 a portion of the concerts proceeds were dedicated to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services and Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center. It is the intent of the chorus to give back to the community, and support it through music, and the celebration of the common bonds of humanity.


2018 “Gathering Concert” with local artist Rochelle Walden


2018 Breaking Silence concert - Dancers from Kuntz & Company


2017 Martin Luther King Celebration


2008 Peace & Justice Celebration


2013 Kulshan Chorus with The Far Corners Community Musical Theatre


Kulshan Chorus working in conjunction with or to the benefit of the following community organizations: