Meet Joyce Jimmerson

A good friend had been encouraging me to join the chorus, but I'd never found the time to audition. About 8 years ago, I was having some medical issues, and it was suggested I see a Naturopath. I looked this naturopath up online, and quite frankly, what she offered sounded quite "woo woo" and I wasn't sure of her scientific credentials, but was up for an adventure.

I told the above friend about this doctor, who came along to observe. At the end of a lengthy procedure, she gave me some suggestions, a print out of foods I should avoid, and foods that were fine, etc, then said that my main problem was my spleen. And I remember her words exactly. She said: "And you know how to strengthen your spleen!" I said "no..." She said: Singing!

At that point my friend and I had a good laugh. Then I joined the chorus. I have no idea how my spleen is doing now, but I'm having fun working part of my brain that I'd stopped using after my high school band years.

What makes the Kulshan Chorus special to me, is it's emphasis on peace, social justice and community. Many of the songs we sing have deep meaning and passion for me.

My favorite concert was the concert where we performed the Salish Sea. I had never heard music like that. While it was moving and passionate, it was also very difficult. We worked incredibly hard. I suspect all of us were a bit afraid it might fall apart--as the music itself was so difficult and unusual.I was amazed when it all came together at concert time. My husband said he was teary eyed during parts! That was the first time he had been moved at a Kulshan concert.

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