Meet Carl Okerman

Carl moved to Bellingham in the 1990’s and has been involved in the local community choir scene since that time. He sang with both the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship choir and Bellingham Community Chorus before settling into his current role, singing bass with Kulshan, in 2014. Carl appreciates and respects Artistic Director Dustin Willetts’ professionalism and high standards and the level of musical and personal growth that comes from being pushed to achieve more. For him, the real reward isn’t the energy of the performances but the journey to becoming “concert ready”. He says, “I don’t sing with the concert as the goal or target. I sing to challenge myself, get better, and learn new things.” That moment when choir members go from working hard individually on a new or challenging piece of music to clicking together as a group in rehearsal is his favorite moment.

When asked what part of Kulshan’s future he most looks forward to, Carl said he is really glad for the opportunity this season to sing two Z. Randall Stroope pieces again. Kulshan has performed “Amor De Mi Alma” and “We Beheld Once Again the Stars” in past seasons, and will be again as part of the 30th anniversary celebration. He felt the pieces were so challenging the first time around that he sometimes felt “panicked” at rehearsal or while practicing alone. The choir as a whole worked hard on both pieces, but Carl feels that because Dustin inspires such growth, this time around will be “a chance for redemption”.

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