Meet Dave Laster - Former Board Member

Dave joined the chorus in 1996, as a bass singer. He was a Board Member for seventeen years.  “I joined the chorus in 1996. My wife and I had just returned from Europe with 12 antique clocks …we had Roger Griffith check the over. While we were there he asked, as he apparently did to everyone, ‘Do you sing?’ - At one time he estimated that half of the chorus began as his clock customers.”

Dave has been on several of the tours with the chorus. One of his favorite stories is from the France/Switzerland tour:

"On our chorus trip to France we were scheduled to sing in the town square of Sarlat, a tourist town. With the Square filled the City decided we should sing instead inside their walled churchyard. After some exploring we found our way inside to sing to an empty churchyard. It was only later we found out that people outside heard our music only to be frustrated trying to find their way inside! We had a big audience without even knowing it!"

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