Meet Fumio Otsu - Former Board Member

Fumio handles music distribution and is the house manager for the Spring and Winter concerts.

Encouraged by a friend, my wife and I attended our first Kulshan Chorus concert in spring of 2008. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and my wife joined the chorus for the winter 2008 concert. Since 2008 I have attended and enjoyed the Kulshan Chorus concerts each year.

Over the years I have attended, the Beatles concert was my favorite because there was high level of energy and audience participation. My favorite Kulshan chorus song was the City of New Orleans. It was sung at two concerts I attended.

In 2010, I volunteered for ushering at the concerts. I began ushering for each concert and in 2015 I also became responsible for music distribution to the chorus members and other participants.

My level of responsibility for the Kulshan Chorus continued to increase. Then in the spring of 2017, I became the House Manager for the spring and winter concerts. Along with the responsibility of House Manager, I became a director for the Kulshan Chorus. I also continued with music distribution.

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