Meet Jolyne Lujan - Board Member

Jolyne joined Kulshan in 2015, having no choral experience or background in music. “Singing with a choir was something I had always wanted to try but the audition process intimidated me. I read an interview with Dustin (Kulshan Chorus Artistic Director) in a local publication and he said something along the lines of Kulshan being a true community choir, having members that varied in experience from ‘professional singers and musicians to folks that sing in the shower’ and I knew I had found my people.” The choir has become a family of sorts for Jolyne, and looking for a way to serve the organization, she joined the board in 2018.

“I found the choir at a time that I was really needing a hobby that would get me out of the house and away from the stressors in life. Something that I did just for me and my own enjoyment.” But after experiencing the power of performing with a large group of singers, she realized that singing with Kulshan was much bigger than that. Jolyne feels that music, and specifically the shared experience of a live music performance, has the ability to uplift and inspire and bring people together. Her favorite season so far has been the “Breaking the Silence” concert of 2018. “It was truly an honor to be part of something like that. It was boundary pushing in so many ways, both artistically and personally. I found a lot of healing in that music and that performance and I hope that others in the community felt that too.

Looking forward, Jolyne is most excited to see the kinds of collaborations the choir has with other organizations and performing artists. “We are building more and more relationships with musicians, dance companies, artists, and other non-profits. These partnerships allow us to reach a broader audience and really amplify the good that we are all doing.”

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