Meet Julie Ishihara - Former Board Member

I grew up singing in church choirs and other community choirs and music has always been a part of my life. I first attended a Kulshan concert in 2008 and knew I had to be a part of it. I was really intrigued by the talent level of the soloists and the variety of types of music that the choir sang. It was lots of international music and seemed like the kind of challenge I was looking for. The international trips that the choir takes every few years was also very intriguing to me - really looking forward to our tour of Norway in 2019! Without a doubt I keep singing with the chorus, and volunteer as a board member, because of all the wonderful people in the choir. I also really love the challenging music that we sing, and working with Dustin because he is a great director.

My favorite season so far was the 2014 Songs of Peace and Poetry concert. It was our first season with Dustin as director and he asked us to do kinds of music we had never done before. Song of the Salish Chief really stands out for me - everyone doubted that we could pull it off so we started doing weekly sectionals in order to really get the music down. It was a powerful season, I think it really changed a lot of people in the choir because we realized what we really could accomplish. We had several people come back to singing with us after taking a break because they were moved by that concert.

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