Meet Julie McElroy

This is my first season as a member of the Kulshan Chorus.

Joining other voices to create and play through our own sound has a been a long-time desire of mine. With little musical background, my interest to sing has spawned into a passion, and I finally decided to attempt becoming part of the Kulshan Chorus. Being a native to Bellingham, I had known of the Kulshan Chorus, but it was my Mom who sparked my interest and shed light on the authenticity of this group. The intention and spirit of the music created from these individuals is beautiful and significant, and I greatly desired to be a part it! For myself, singing helps me unwind from stress, reconnect with myself and others, as well as promotes physical healing and wellness. Years ago, I'd had a thyroidectomy where there was some nerve damage to a region that served my voice and I found that there were some "empty notes" in my vocal range. Singing as a Tenor II targets a specific area of my voice where I've needed to add strength and healing. As I rebuild the power source to my voice, I've found myself enriched with this incredible community of singers and individuals who magnify inspiration and are committed to optimism and hope. It is the greatest honor to be one voice amongst many within this group. The passion to create, inspire and invoke awareness is nurtured within this chorus, and I feel the work that happens through these voices is prevalent and necessary.

Having been living in Portland for many years, I was out of the loop of what was going on in Bellingham. It wasn't until last season that I came to a performance, where my soul was danced away on a magical and powerful journey in the Water Concert. I felt such strong emotions throughout that performance, and just was in awe with the deliberate and beautiful work of the entire group. I loved the boldness, the delicateness, the choreography, the pain, and the fun. I was so drawn to the magic of this chorus, I was inclined to be a part of their sound and motion immediately! But easing into things with "Into the Mystic" with the Atlantics, and rolling soon into "Africa" by ToTo, is a recipe for some serious heart melting, and I loved it.

There are so many songs that have become important to me in this concert, and a handful that are my favorites! But I will say that "Pass On the Love" has a direct line to my spirit that reflects a crucial message, that is time relevant and so valuable. My favorite words in it are "...the change begins with me, we got to break through the fear, bust through the hate, reach out our arms, pass on the love." Ohh, it's going to be good!

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