Meet Mark Springer

(Mark is one of our longest standing members!)

I joined in the winter of 1988, about three months after moving to Bellingham. I think the Chorus had about thirty-some people in it at the time and was rehearsing in the Roeder Home.

I don't remember how the subject came up at work, but my former colleague and Kulshan Chorus member Floyd Lewis found out I liked to sing and asked if I was interested in joining. I said yes, and while I've missed a few concerts due to travel, I've sung every season since.

I find "favorite" questions hard to answer because I like lots of different things in general, and music is no exception to that. So I guess I like seasons where we have musical variety, that is, we're either singing a lot of music I'm not real familiar with and/or singing a concert with songs from very different traditions but which more or less tie together in a common theme.

Of course my favorites [songs] are going to have great tenor parts, so I guess one of my favorites over the last few years is Omnia Sol.  

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