Meet our Associate Director - Mary Somerville

I was a speaker at Bellingham’s second annual Martin Luther King Day celebration in 1994, heard the Kulshan Chorus and was drawn to the power and message of the music. I joined the chorus immediately!] At the time of the MLK event, except for a couple weddings I had not done any singing in 14 years! When I lived in Baltimore, I sang with a fantastic large classical-repertoire choir, the Baltimore Choral Arts Society, and with its smaller chamber group. I was also the mezzo-soprano soloist at a large church. When I moved to Bellingham in 1980, I couldn't find anything similar, so I gave up singing and got involved with sports - competitive cycling and teaching aerobics. But as the years went by I missed singing more and more, and the Kulshan Chorus brought me back to music.

Mary serves as Kulshan Chorus' Associate Director. She has worn many hats for the Kulshan Chorus over the years:

I also served as the de facto membership person for the chorus for years and created and kept up the rosters, started the (now way too big) bulk mailing list, and created the publicity mailing pieces and concert programs for quite some time. For a number of years I also helped [former Director] Roger [Griffith] plan concerts, including selecting songs for each season, and transcribed a lot of arrangements.

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