Meet Sara Kate Kunkel

Sarah Kate was living in Croatia in 2016, studying in an language immersion program, when a family member told her there was a choir from Washington performing in Zagreb. That choir was Kulshan Chorus, and while she wasn’t able to make it to the performance in Zagreb, Sarah Kate found Kushan when she moved to Bellingham in 2017 to attend school. She had experience with musical theater and was looking for a community choir when a Google search brought her to Kulshan Chorus, where she found a home as a soprano. Sarah Kate says that she loves the people that she has met and the community that is built on performing challenging music centered around social justice and peace. “When something is technically perfect it’s slippery - imperfection gives us something to hold onto. Kulshan is that - people coming together imperfectly to make something beautiful.”

Social justice and activism are important to Sarah Kate, so it comes as no surprise that her favorite moment so far was the 2018 “Breaking Silence” concert. Kulshan Chorus partnered with two other local non-profits (Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County) for that concert and was able to donate a percentage of proceeds to both organizations. She feels that financial support is an  essential and tangible part of being a true community choir. “We were not just singing to make music, but using our voice to say something.” Looking forward, Sarah Kate is excited about the choir’s new fundraising efforts that will allow for more community outreach. “Art and music can be a force for good and I would like to see more of that.”

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