Meet Sister Mary - Former Choir Member

I first heard about the Kulshan Chorus over 10 years ago when a friend invited me to join her at one of the concerts.  When I heard them sing, I excitedly told my friend “I’ve got to sing with this group.”  How is it I had never heard them before this?  The next day, I contacted the director and inquired about what I needed to do to sing with them.  Two weeks later after a quick and easy audition, I was given some music and I’ve been singing with them ever since.

As I got to know others, I discovered that not only was it fun to sing in a group again, but these people were so much fun to be with.  We worked hard and we also seemed to just enjoy each other’s company.

Over the years the chorus has not only increased in size, but we have expanded to sing a wider variety of music, many even learning to read music.  I have sung in various sized groups throughout my life and I continue to learn new things.  No matter how tired I am before rehearsal, I seem to gain fresh energy just being together with them.  Music is more than just singing “ink spots on a page”.  Being with the Kulshan Chorus can be soothing, uplifting, humorous at times, joyful, hard work and also fulfilling and healing. Not only do I get to sing, but my heart sings too

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