Meet Todd Citron

One day in the early 1990's I was walking around Lake Padden and happened upon a spirited group of about 20, mostly tie-dye clad, singers singing at some kind of event -- wow! I thought, they are great – very cool.  It was not until 1999 that work and family life allowed a small gap in my time to pursue more music in my life and I learned about the Kulshan Chorus, realized that they were that small group at the lake many years earlier, met and auditioned with Roger Griffith, and started my first chorus singing experience -- I've only missed a few seasons since!

 As fun and thrilling as the concerts can be, the weekly rehearsals are the heart of the chorus and the reason that I sing.  Sometimes it can be hard after a long day to pull myself together to sing for 2 plus hours, yet I usually leave rehearsals feeling rejuvenated and inspired, and I am often reminded that singing with the chorus is a most amazing salve for the harshness of the world.

 There were about 60 of us in the chorus when I joined in 1999, and it has been amazing to see both the size, now about 120 (!),the breadth and depth of the music, and the organization itself, grow through the years through the creativity and dedication of many. I have appreciated growing alongside so many wonderfully spirited (and sometimes still tie-dye clad) people.

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