Meet Board Member: Brock Blatter

Brock Blatter was no stranger to Kulshan Chorus when he joined in the spring of 2015. He had several friends in the choir, and after hearing rave reviews and positive buzz after the “Songs of Poetry and Peace” concert of 2014, he knew he had to be a part of it. “It took me a couple seasons - I couldn’t make rehearsals for the Joel/Frost concert, then I rehearsed for “Wanderings” but couldn’t perform in the concert because it was my mother’s 80th birthday. But since then I’ve scheduled anything else in my life around Kulshan Chorus.” Brock joined the board of directors shortly thereafter and continues to serve the choir in a variety of roles. His dedication to the choir is fueled in part by his respect and admiration for the work that artistic director Dustin Willetts does with Kulshan Chorus and the growth as a singer that comes from working with a great director. “I’ve dabbled in a few other choirs, but none have a director with the ability to lead, inspire, and teach that Dustin has.” Brock adds that the joy that singing with a family of diverse people and voices brings him is another reason he stays on as a chorister and a board member. 

Looking back on his favorite moments with Kulshan, Brock says performing the song “Amor de mi Alma” is a highlight. “The song is so powerful. Not only did we get to sing it as part of our regular performances, but also several times throughout Croatia and Norway.” International tours with the choir are standout experiences for Brock because of the unique opportunities these tours provide. “That’s how tour is. You get to sing to sing in these wonderful rooms full of history and beauty and resonance. And you sing each song so many times, there are so many opportunities for the choir to rise above and perform beyond ourselves in these beautiful rooms.”

This season, “Light is Returning”, Brock is looking forward to continuing his growth and “developing my craft as a singer”. He is incredibly excited about performing “Carmina Burana” next season (Spring 2020). Brock anticipates that it will be “...a massive challenge in every way that will result in one of the grandest musical experiences of my life so far!”

KC Webmaster