Mission Statement: The Kulshan Chorus is a community choir committed to music education and spirited performances celebrating the common bonds of humanity through music.


The Kulshan Chorus is comprised of everyday people—like you—who have a deep love of singing. We participate in choral music because it contributes to social connection and individual well-being.

A recognized community peacemaker, the Kulshan Chorus uses the power of music to reach people on tough social issues where words and argument often fail. Committed to a high standard of artistic excellence, we collaborate with local musicians and performing artists to produce uplifting concerts. Using our musical voice for those who have no voice, we generate meaningful outreach to local schools, groups, churches and non-profits.



Dustin Willetts and Kulshan Chorus:

Recipient of The 2018 Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center Peace Builder Award

Peace Builder Awards


Celebrating 30 years of songs

Music to feed your soul

Where did Kulshan chorus come from? in true community fashion, the concept of Kulshan Chorus was conceived in Flip Breskin's living room during a song circle in 1987.

Meet Members of the chorus...

Meet Jolyne

About the “Breaking Silence” Concert May 2018 - “I found a lot of healing in that music and that performance and I hope that others in the community felt that too.“


Meet SarahKate

“Kulshan is… people coming together imperfectly to make something beautiful.”


Community Outreach

Kulshan chorus engages in community outreach and cultural musical exchanges